by Rochelle Metcalfe on February 6, 2013

BLUE MONDAY! Sad over the devastating 49ers lost. at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens in Super bowl play! I thought sure the 49ers would win Sunday; proudly wore my red Colin Kaepernick shirt, pumped up with the rest of the crowd, some Raven fans, gathered at the Monte Carlo Restaurant and Bar. Despaired at half time, a deficit score, Ravens 21-6. Thinking, Oh, No! We can’t go down like this!

The DJ was setup to play celebration music at the end of the game, fans ready to go crazy, yell, high-fives, run outside in the street , cheerfully ranting! Not so – quiet, disappointed, ready to take our shrilled voice and exhausted body home.

Monte Carlo owners Gary and Theresa Deroun-Lynch hold the annual Super bowl party every year – this one special! Half time, Prime Rib dinner served. Beyonce was dessert!

The beautiful, fiery R&B singer put on a spectacular Pepsi Super Bowl half time performance, and a surprise reunion with Destiny’s Child! Beyonce first rose to fame as the siren-voiced centerpiece of Destiny’s Child, moved on to a super solo career.

Beyonce’s high powered tech show was hot! hot! Sexy in black short lace. When the lights went out within minutes of the 3rd quarter, wondered if some of that powerful energy set off the superdome electrical source – put out the lights, forced a 34 minute game delay! Beyonce is a BAAAAD lady, but NFL officials reported she was not the cause of the blackout!

Definitely Impacted Niners play, Kaep and team came back on the field strong, on a comeback. Drama – Ravens held steady their lead, 49ers fought right down to the wire, 34-31 which ended in a heartbreaker! Hey, we should have won that game!

Last Sunday, the 49er Stadium looked forgotten, there were no lights or any acknowledgment the niners were in Championship play. After one more season, the team will be moving to Santa Clara! That SUCKS!

But what an exciting year, gutsy coach Jim Harbaugh’s move to make Colon Kaepernick his QB, after Alex Smith suffered a concussion, despite his recovery, lost his job! Paved the road to Super Bowl play! Next season will see gala ceremonial game days ; tears will well.

Check it out – the city is planning to IMPLODE the park, to make plans for a shopping mall, for one. I will have a front row seat from my apartment window, which overlook the stadium from a short distance. Will not be a happy day, BUT change must come, and the beginning of a NEW era and the renaissance of the Bayview District!

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