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by on January 25, 2010

To the Editor:

So sad, but true. I would have preferred Howard Dean or John Edwards as President. Unfortunately, I have the sellout or actor Obama for President. Obama and the Democrats really has two choices between now and November. Keep feeding at the corporatist trough and be voted out in November so they can take up jobs being lobbyist for their corporate masters or deliver promises made to the base and independent progressives. I am skeptical they will deliver since they sold out from day one.

Marty Lau
Honolulu, HI

To the Editor:

Why more of these idiots don’t listen to Howard Dean is beyond me, and if I were Mr. Dean I would never appear on Chris Mathews show again. How does MSNBC keep that loud mouth on their program is also mystifying to me. I will never watch MSNBC again.

Bernard Gibson
Woodlands, TX

To the Editor:

Sing it, brother! I am so disgusted with these spineless, corrupt, clueless Democrats (including Obama) that I am actually ready to hit the Republican button this year (something I’ve never done in my 32 years of voting) just to say “I’ve had it.” Handed large majorities and a mandate for change, the foolish DC Democrats have managed to piss it all away. I’m giving them no more votes (and no more money) until they some BIG changes.

Ron Teeter
Arlington, VA

Dear Paul,

Your views are as ludicrous as Pat Robertson’s idiotic Haitian Devil statement.

Mark Markarian
Pleasantville, NY

To the Editor:

Now we believe change has happened. After two horrendous days, one threatening national Democrats and what’s left of a tattered neo-progressive Washington agenda, the second already churning up corporate billions aimed at neutralizing our democracy, the time is long overdue for the citizenry to stand hand-in-hand and fight back hard against the right wing corporate machine.

We must boisterously fight for new laws and a constitutional amendment to turn back yesterday’s frightening Supreme Court decision. Additionally, both it and Bush v. Gore must be examined as legitimate grounds for targeted Supreme Court impeachments. While centrists will argue this isn’t politically feasible given the current Tea Party trend in the nation, if the Democrats do not speak to and do for the average voter — and do it right now — the angry rising populist movement on the right will attract populist Democrats, just like Reagan did. People are righteously P.O.ed for innumerable reasons.

Obama and the Dems promised CHANGE. What we’ve been handed is the same old Kool-Aid in a fashionably new pitcher. But those making policy and calling the shots remain the corproratists. Let’s channel the nation’s fear and our anger into a visionary, truly progressive and meaningful citizens’ movement. We must do it now!

P. Joseph Potocki
San Francisco

To the Editor:

It is heartbreaking to see these forced cuts that go well beyond the bone of our public schools (not to mention parks, senior services, transportation, child health care, etc.) Of course a hard look is needed to find sources of funding, but fortunately there is a ballot initiative in circulation that will be a giant leap toward getting revenue and budget matters back in the hands of the majority. It simply states: “All legislative actions on revenue and budget must be determined by a majority vote.” This is called the California Democracy Act, and we are busy circulating petitions to get it on the November ballot. We hope to be at the Feb 25 Town Hall, looking for your signatures!

Chandra Friese
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Talk to the voters, and you will learn that healthcare was a big issue. Not just because of the issues within the healthcare bill, but because of the Dems backroom, closed door ‘compromises’ (read bribes) with Nebraska, Vermont, the unions, etc. Pelosi and Reid continued spewing their agressive arrogant statements along with Axelrod and Gibbs. That they ‘will move forward’ and that they didn’t do a good job of explaining (talking) to the voters is wrong. What they didn’t do is listen to voters. Big give-aways and locking out Rep. didn’t sit well with the electorate.

I’m a 49 year old lifelong Democrat, and I voted Republican not because I liked Brown (I voted for Coakley in the primary) but because I don’t like the arrogance of the Dems and I will continue to urge people to vote for new reps in Congress. The old guard doesn’t get it. Term limits are a must.

Scott McManus
Lynn, MA

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Democrats did not “lock out” the Republicans. The Republicans made it abundantly clear that they refused to pass anything, even though the Democrats pursued an obsessive and self-destructive fetish with bipartisanship to make them happy.

To the Editor:

People like Norm Rolfe are rare. It takes courage and vision to realize that Public Transit is a national security issue. I admire him for making San Francisco more green by stopping the onslaught of automobiles on this besieged city. His memory deserves a statue somewhere along Octavia or in the Presidio, or at least some street names or places after him. Not a small obscure alley, like they did with Ferlinghetti, but a true open place for all to see.

Nafiss Griffis
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Even if SEIU issues an apology and “explains” its vicious attacks, it may be too late for any viable recovery of the damage that has been done. I attended a rally in San Jose for SEIU-UHW-west while under Rosselli, and also attended the trusteeship hearings in San Mateo. Andy Stern was just too good at causing divisions to make any effective amends, that and too much corruption has been associated with leaders Mr. Stern has mentored. Despite Stern’s prior skill at corralling members, plying dues money, quashing dissent, spinning the facts and covering his tracks, he has gone too far this time. The exodus has already begun. Even Obama has been gradually distancing himself from Stern, despite the mega-bucks in campaign contributions. Now we’re waiting for the Blagojevich circus to start in the Federal courts; “that’s gonna leave a mark.”

Dan Mariscal
Los Angeles

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