How Sacramento Dems Respond to 15 million renters

by Tenants Together on July 11, 2013

In the 2013 legislative session Tenants Together sponsored a bill to help victims of tenant security deposit theft, SB 603. Dozens of tenants took to the capitol to lobby the Senate for its passage. However, the Senate refused to support the bill.

We sent letters asking for answers from Senators who refused to support, but received no response, so we went directly to their offices in Sacramento. Tenants are being ripped off to the tune of tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars each year, and our members deserve answers.

Watch this video to see how Sacramento responded:

Episode 2: Making the case

Our recent report contains the following findings from a survey of Tenants Together members from across the state:

• 60% experienced unfair withholding of some or all of their deposit;
• 53% did not receive any of their deposit funds within 21 days of vacating the last time they moved;
• 36% reported that their entire deposit was never returned the last time they moved.

Episode 1: Setting the stage

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