“Homelessness, Palestine…”

by on April 5, 2007


Thank you for your recent article related to the chronic issue of homelessness in the city of San Francisco. As a resident of Clementina Street, and a board member of Clementina Cares Inc., I want to make sure you’re aware that the neighborhood has been extremely active since the announcement that St. Boniface was planning a shelter in that location in working with St. Boniface and the city of San Francisco to implement a new model for providing shelter and assistance to homeless in San Francisco.

As you mentioned in your article, this specific location offers numerous obstacles, and it is in the best interest of those who will be receiving the benefit of shelter there, those who currently live in the neighborhood, and the city and Mayor’s office to make sure that attention is paid to the details. The wrong decision on this site could result in serious disaster for those who live in the neighborhood, who can not afford to live elsewhere, and have no alternatives.

Many in the neighborhood feel that the area is already saturated with drop in shelters, clinics, and other such support services for the city’s disadvantaged. However, we are more than willing to embrace the safe haven model as we feel the care received under that model fits the mayor’s vision, will be of the most value to the recipients, and not risk the delicate balance of a neighborhood trying desperately to fight against crime, rampant drug use on the streets, prostitution, vandalism, and tremendous homelessness.

Again, thank you for your coverage of this extremely important issue. Just this morning from my front door on Clementina Street to 5th Street (half a block walk) I walked passed six homeless people sleeping just on my side of the street (there were others, including some in tents) on the other side. I look forward to a day when that will not be the case.

My best,

Joshua J. Morgan

Dear Editor:

Matthew Taylor’s April 4th Beyond Chron Guest Editorial “Now is the Time for Peace and Justice in the Holy Land” was one of the worst pieces of propaganda I’ve seen in sometime.

To lay the blame for the lack of a Middle East peace on Israel is absurd. Perhaps, Mr. Taylor forgets the official charter of Hamas which calls for the destruction of the state of Israel. The leader of Hamas recently again refused to recognize the right of Israel to exist and has refused to renounce the use of terrorism, including the killing of Israeli children as a means of promoting Hamas policy.

Mr. Taylor also seems to have forgotten that the eradication of Israel is also the officially stated goal of Hezbollah who are armed and financed by Iran, a country whose president has repeatedly said that he wants to “wipe Israel off the map.”

Israel withdrew from south Lebanon in 2000 and withdrew from the Gaza strip over a year ago. Did Israel get peace in exchange for these efforts? No, they got Hamas rockets and Hezbollah missiles raining down in Israeli civilians.

E.F. Sullivan

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