Hillary Clinton’s History; Live Free or Diebold …

by on January 15, 2008

Dear Mr. Shaw:

A fine critique of Senator Clinton who offers, as I believe John Edwards said a few weeks ago, the choice between a corporate Republican and a corporate Democrat. For working people such as myself, that is not much of a choice.

In recognition of this, a coalition of UFCW members will be holding a “Sidewalk Summit” of UFCW members on Friday, 18 January/5 PM at the SF Hilton while the Instituto Laboral de Raza honors UFCW International President Joe Hansen as “Labor Leader of the Year.” Senator Clinton will apparently be attending and is likely to receive the endorsement of the UFCW, an endorsement that has not been voted by the members of our union.

While we have great respect for the work of the Instituto Laboral, we believe that Joe Hansen is the “Labor Failure of the Year” and certainly does not deserve their award. We intend to make our case in public fashion.

Again, our thanks.
William J. Sable

To the Editor:

Thank you for printing the op-ed by Julian Davis, “Live Free or Diebold.” The amazing, astounding thing is that absolutely no one in the media is picking this up. I suppose it doesn’t merit discussion because computers are never hacked, never even malfunction, and there is nothing at stake (certainly not power or money) in the upcoming presidential elections. The lack of interest on the part of the press, or the pollsters (who have been so malaigned), boggles the mind.


Lori Lippitz
Skokie, IL

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