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by on June 29, 2007

To the Editor:

(Re: the Beilenson Hearing on $6.9 million in cuts to the Health Department proposed by Mayor Newsom on Tuesday evening, June 19th.)

I sat and listened for at least two hours to the heart-breaking testimonies of the non-profit service providers and clients about the extreme hardships sure to result from Newsom’s proposed cuts. Even the most compassion-minded person could never begin to imagine the breadth and depth of suffering on the lives of thousands of the most vulnerable members of our community as a result of those cuts. Those powerful testimonies would lead even a somewhat hardened heart to think twice about supporting those cuts.

The compelling testimonies constituted the very heart of the hearing and revealed the fundamental reasons to resist the mayor’s cuts. What a disservice to the public that this central aspect of the hearing went virtually unreported in the corporate media, which chose instead to sensationalize one particular remark by Supervisor Daly.

Thanks to BeyondChron for its faithful adherence to the basic ethical principles of reporting.

Sister Bernie Galvin, cdp

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