Health Care Forum with Sheila Kuehl; May 19th Propositions; More on the Babbling Bigots …

by on May 14, 2009

To the Editor:

I attended the health care forum with Sheila Kuehl, and agree with your description. I think that the most important point to emphasize is that it will take a real grassroots movement — maybe a grassroots revolution — to overcome the ownership of Congress by the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. It may be that the federal changes will be halfway and inadequate, but there is still an opportunity for California to show the way with SB810!

The second point, which comes up in arguments with defenders of the status quo, is to recognize that costs and rewards in medicine are completely mixed up because of the unhealthy influence of that same industry. Therefore, there will be a (possibly painful) recalibration of salaries for doctors and others in the healthcare business, which is not likely to happen without a single payer.

I suppose that the third point is that no system is perfect, especially when it is first created. The transition will be difficult, whatever the long term changes. But we know that a single payer system will eventually prevail.

Paul J. Friedman, MD

To the Editor:

You are exactly right! I am voting no on all the May 19th measures just to send a message to our government. They need to run the state the same way we run our households and CEOs run public and private companies. When money runs short, you stop spending, you make cuts, you tighten up your belt and you suck it up until things get better. You don’t borrow more and spend more. They need to shrink government, not expand it.

Vital services will be cut, valuable jobs will be lost, but it is the only responsible response to the mess we are in. This too shall pass, but not if we keep growing our state government at the same rate we have been for the last several years. And just to add one thing … the entire mess we are in is all because of the knee jerk reaction the citizens of California had to Governor Gray Davis’ budget that actually BALANCED our budget. They voted him out and put Arnold in, and now we are in the worst financial crisis of our state’s history. Good job, Californians!!

Richard James

To the Editor:

There will be no avoiding the pain after May 19th. However, before Californians share in the pain a budget must be designed by an independent citizens committee and presented to Californians at public hearings. Californians need to be allowed to give their feedback on a Website and allowed to interact with each other. The first cuts must be to our elected officials salaries, health care, retirement plans and expense accounts!!!

Darrell Stafford

To the Editor:

Well said! Isn’t it interesting that the babbling bigots try to paint LGBT individuals as immoral party animals who engage in perpetual sex orgies and recruit children to their lifestyle and yet, when Homos demand the same rights as their hetero counterparts, the bigots protest? Of course they do! If gay people formed life long unions with their partners, set up house, adopt kids, etc. they’ll seem too ‘normal.’ Then, the bigots would have nothing to argue!

David L. Wylie
Senior Editor

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