HEADLINERS: Franc D’Ambrosio and Bell Book and Candle – Book of Mormon

by Buzzin' Lee Hartgrave on December 14, 2012


Charming and Romantic

I know, you think that Witches live in a smelly cave where witches stoop over a Cauldron to make a mess of other people’s lives.

But we are wrong. This witch is charming and beguiling. And you would not ever believe that a witch lives in a sophisticated high style apartment. Yep, we are definitely in New York in the 50’s. The apartment wows you – there are some clever tricks going on all the time. The Witch casts a spell over a good-looking guy that happens to live in the same building. He works at a prominent N.Y. Office. The Witch finds out that a former snooty girlfriend of hers – is dating the handsome and sexy man. She’s not amused. The Witch’s revenge is on the way. Watch out for flying objects.

The ultra glamorous and mysterious witch brings out memories of the T.V. show “Bewitched”. This is one of those fun romantic stories that crackle with good humor and wry wit. A lot of her trouble comes from her “Warlock” brother who kinda messes everything up. And the sister is a total Witch Nut Job. She upsets everything. She’s a dingbat — but fun. Oh, and there are some very strange things going on with the telephone … scary, and spooky.

Here is the perfect Stars (not Starlets) No – these are big time Actors. They are: Zehra Berkman, William Connell, Scott Cox, Lauren English and Louis Parnell.

Written by: John Van Druten. Directed by the Wizard – Bill English. Producer Director: Susi Damilano. THE SF PLAYHOUSE IS STILL NUMBER ONE IN TALENT!

Bill English’s set is stunning. Manhattan never looked so fabulous. I wanna buy the set. When can you deliver it?

(((RATING: Four Glasses of Champagne!!!! (highest rating) –trademarked-

An over-hyped hit by South Park creators

When a show gets more praise than it deserves, many of the people who bought over-priced tickets may feel misled when they leave the theatre.

It’s a mixture of mockery and sentimentality that gives a depiction of Mormon missionaries in a hellish part of Uganda. Yes, it’s satire, and it is tuneful and funny, but I’m sorry – it’s just not funny enough to be spending that kind of money. But it appears that “Mormon will run for years.” But one thing that I did like was the absurdity of militant Islamism. If Mormon-mania does anything for the public – it might be that those scenes are truly laughable. If you’ve got the bucks, spend it freely. If not – wait for the movie. It’s right around the corner soon. Then watch the pricey tickets go down in value. A Plus, is the acting – couldn’t be better. Oh Yes, and there are the ‘dirty’ words. But, I assume that you are all adults.

Now Playing in New York and San Francisco


Ambrosio is the longest running Phantom on stage. It doesn’t take long for his special spellbinding voice with song like “I dreamed a Dream”, “Bring him home” (Les Mis) and Speak softly love (in Italian and English) from the Godfather movie. His consummate singing skills are still the ‘Gold Standard’. Yep, Ambrosio’s voice is the purest I’ve ever heard. Also on the stage at the Rrazz Room with Ambrosio is famed Jeri Sager (Cats and other Broadway shows). Her tremendous talent keeps you wide awake with her amazing and wonderfully complicated song styles. In between the music, she is unexpectedly funny. Sager sure knows how to deliver ‘searing emotional spark’ to her talents. Remember “Memory” from Cats? This is the best rendition I’ve ever heard. Its just heart breaking – if this won’t bring tears to your eyes – well, maybe you should check your pulse.

RATING: Four Glasses of Champagne!!!! –(highest rating) – trademarked-

The evening at the Rrazz Room is like nothing you’ve never experienced before. Both singers are ready


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