Harry Belafonte Visits the Dream Defenders

by JoanMar on July 29, 2013

The Dream Defenders are in their 13th day of standing their ground in the offices of Gov. Rick Scott of Florida. They demand that he convenes a special session of the legislature to review the SYG law. Rick Scott has refused their demand and has taken himself off to parts unknown. They plan on occupying his office until their demand is met.

On Saturday the protesters were visited by civil rights leader, Harry Belafonte.


The young ones listened as the battle-scarred warrior spoke:

“I’m here because you called,” said Belafonte, 86. “I’m here because I am a part of your history. You called, and I’m here to tell you that those of us who have been in this struggle for over a century are delighted, happy to be part of this moment.”

He stressed the importance of this movement and why it behooves the nation to listen to the cries of these young people…now:

“I would suggest to the people of Florida that they listen to what you have to say and respond to what you have to offer, because this is the gentle moment,” he said. “If they reject you, then the world will pay attention to what’s happening to you and it’s possible that Florida could become ungovernable.
And I don’t mean ungovernable from violence — I just mean that tens of thousands of people will come to this state and will stay here until your goals are achieved and will not leave,” he continued. “Now that’s not very happy to tourism, that’s not very happy to the economy. And we say talk to us while there is a reasonable moment. Talk to us before it all becomes unreasonable.”

He had a word, or two, for Rick Scott:

“I’m just here to support these people and to tell (Scott) that if he is at all in touch with history, he should know that this is just the beginning of the journey,” Belafonte said. “And I would suggest that he deal with it now while there’s sanity and peace and a willingness to not see anything go askew. It’s not violent. If he pays attention now and deals with the issue now, he might prevent it from escalating to something infinitely bigger.”

The Dream Defenders need our help. They need to know that they are not in this alone.
Jeb Bush and the Koch Brothers gave us SYG law in Florida. It is going to take people power to get it repealed.
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