‘Haliburton By The Bay’

by on October 13, 2005

Treasure Island has the potential to be another of the wonders that make living in the City such a unique and glorious blessing. Yet it appears that plans for its development are being sucked into the same swamp of cronyism and backroom deals that were the hallmark of the Brown Administration. Practices that Mayor Newsom promised to end when he was running for Mayor.

From what can be read between the lines of the Chronicle coverage it appears that after the Mayor appointed Tony Hall to the position of Executive Director of the Treasure Island Development Authority, he then appointed one of his “allies” to fill the vacant seat on the Board of Supervisors.

Now, when Tony Hall raises objections to the no-bid “sweetheart” deal given to a Development Group represented by two of the Mayors major fundraisers, he is apparently being threatened with “..possible termination…without cause..” by the TIDA Board of Directors, most of whom apparently were appointed by, or have close “ties ” to, the Mayor.

It also appears that there is close to $2 million of potential City revenue being held for the future benefit of these same Developers. Can’t we find a better use for our funds ? Am I wrong ? What is the truth ? Enquiring minds want, and deserve, to know.

Patrick Monk.RN. Noe Valley.

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