Hahn Sends Disturbing Signal in Post-Election Interview

by Paul Hogarth on July 15, 2011

Despite Republican hopes of an upset in a low-turnout special election, Democrat Janice Hahn scored a decisive 10-point victory over Teabagger Craig Huey on Tuesday in California’s 36th Congressional District. Hahn heads to Congress as Washington is mired in a battle to raise the debt ceiling, where the White House sends dangerous signals every day about caving to right-wing blackmail. In a post-election interview for a local radio station in L.A., Hahn repeated basic Democratic talking points about preserving Social Security and Medicare. But when pressed about negotiations down the road, she said: “if compromises have to be made, I certainly will follow the lead of the president [my emphasis.]” When she entered the race, Hahn had support from top Democrats in Congress like Nancy Pelosi, who figured she would be a reliable vote in the Caucus – and perhaps worried that the other Democrat in the race, progressive Debra Bowen, would be too independent or assertive to just follow the “party line.” But now that Pelosi leads the fight against a President we can no longer trust, Hahn just sent the message she will not stand up to Obama. Which is what we desperately need from Democrats in Congress.

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