“Government Piece of the Pie, Gay Pride and Project 20…”

by on June 30, 2006


On June 22nd 2006 a group of 40 seniors and people with disabilities are standing outside City Hall with yellow hard hats on. They are the Healthcare Action Team (HAT!) They plan to distribute pizza to the Board of Supervisors staffmembers while saying ‘We are sharing a piece of our pie with you, now give us a piece of the budget”

HAT is a coalition of grassroots community groups made up of Planning for Elders in the Central City, Seniors Organizing Seniors, Self Help for the Elderly, and Canon Kip Community Center. Together they are calling for $ 1 0 million dollars for unmet needs in their homes and communities.

One grassroots member who asked not to be named was forced to give up her job in order to care for her mother who was the victim of a stroke and was sent home from the hospital unprepared for life at home. With the help of the daughter and a public health nurse, the mother is gradually becoming able to bend her legs and say a few words.

It is important that the elderly and disabled be able to receive affordable home healthcare so they can continue to be with friends and family and a part of their community instead being institutionalized where their mental state degrades and they slowly become vegetative. It is also cheaper for the taxpayer over the long term.

Bruce Allison


June is about gay pride,but not all cases. The hate is still there when it’s come down to the transgender community. Allow with misunderstanding what the event is all about itself. In this day & time,the trans Men&Women are not getting the respect that we need. Racism that we see every day here in the city of San Francisco, Ca.If we are the city that host pride event every year than why can we not get alone for the rest of the time. Pride is about making as much money as anyone can off of the gay community as they can.!To says that I, as an out and open black trans female, was happy about this year pride, no’no’ i was very unhappy. This is what needed to happen, we must caution on gender.

James Collins

Dear Editor,

Regarding Allen White’s article about Project 20: I was a San
Francisco driver for many years, and used Project 20 on many occasions.
There are many different non-profits one may choose to work as well as
the City. I believe that Project 20 as a means to pay parking tickets
and moving violations is a privilege and not a right, and people should
be happy that this service exists for them and quit complaining.


Terrie Frye

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