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by on September 2, 2010

To the Editor:

Irvin Muchnick should research before he speaks. Leave your personal feelings to yourself. Albert and Tony were a part of a big event, one that even honored MLK better than the one across town with Sharpton. Irvin is such the typical crybaby liberal pussy. Listen to the real message from this past weekend at Beck’s rally and realize it’s not about politics, but rather America’s turning its back from God and traditional values and individual freedoms. Go ahead Irv … St. Louis doesn’t need your self righteous type anyway

Darry Dixon
Roanoke, VA

To the Editor:

Tony and Albert may know how to manage, and play the game … but off the field, it’s another story. For many years, I always enjoyed “Plucking” the Red-birds, or converting Card fans into loyal Cub fans, as the “Bleacher Preacher” at the Friendly Confines. I considered myself lucky to have seen the Great “Stan the Man” Musial play many times. I always looked at him in his cork-screw batting stance as if he was a Rodan Statue.

I never liked celebrity mixing politics and entertainment. I lost all respect for “Duke” Wayne when he openly endorsed Ike. There has been Bible toting managers in the big leagues like Alvin Dark, and I felt sorry for players who had to put up with it. I have all but given up on being a baseball fan, being cost out of the ballpark at the face value of a ticket. I don’t like cheats, or bigots and hopefully, Tony La Russa is not on the short list of the next Cubs Manager. However, if he should be picked … I just might become a White Sox Fan… or just get myself a better pastime … like Tiddlywinks!

Jerry Pritikin

Dear Irvin Muchnick:

I’m a native St. Louisan too, but with 10 years on you. The Cardinals have always been the number 2 team in baseball. Second most championships to the Yanks. The Giants were always presumptive in claiming themselves to be the Dodgers number one enemy. It was always the Cardinals.

A Dodgers fan gave Musial his nickname. Stan always killed them and when he came up to bat in a key situation at Ebbett’s Field the fan groaned: “Here comes that man.” It stuck. The Card’s broadcast booth was easily the best of all time, and you left out their best broadcaster. You were a bit young, but don’t you recall that Joe Garagiola was in the booth with Harry and Buck?

I’m a retired teacher living in an SRO in the Tenderloin. Buy me a beer sometime, and we can bullshit. It ain’t about the team in the end. It’s about the game and its value as a diversion from war and depression and lost loves and …

Harold “H” Brown
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Muchnick just doesn’t get it. What a one-sided perspective. I didn’t like the Beck rally either. Now after reading Muchnick, like he, switching his allegiance to the Athletics, guess I’ll switch my vote in November to the Republicans. I’ve been on the fence just waiting for someone to throw me off, and Muchnick did just that. Stop crying about how others feel and just live your life Muchnick, such a cry baby.

Get a life, and stay out of LaRussa’s and Pujols.

Dennis Hartman
Shepherd, MI

To the Editor:

I grew up in rural northwest Illinois, listening to Cubs games and Cards games on the radio. Harry Carray was the Cards broadcaster! I am appalled that Pujols, whom I consider the best every day player in baseball would go to bat for Glenn Beck, a self promoting zealot. I cannot root for the Cards any more.

Antone Holmquist
Moscow, ID

To the Editor:

Good to have you back, Rochelle! Missed you, girl!

Shirley Wysinger
San Pablo, CA

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