Giants President Baer Has Selective Memory on Bonds

by Randy Shaw on August 4, 2009

“When you have a huge asset, you have to put resources against the asset to mitigate the risk. So, having Barry sort of required you to get Ellis Burks or Jeff Kent or Andres Galarraga or Ray Durham to make sure the assent isn’t 50 percent of what it should be because he gets walked all the time.”— Larry Baer, August 3, New York Times

Barry Bonds walked 177 times in 2001, 198 times in 2002, and 148 times in 2003. Bonds received more intentional walks in 2004 than most major league players have had in their entire careers. And the reason Bonds was walked so frequently is that the Giants did not re-sign Kent, and got no even nearly equivalent bat to replace him. Too bad Baer did not act on his own advice.

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