George Steinbrenner; Orlando Tells the Poor to Starve; Gay Closeted Republicans …

by on July 16, 2010

To the Editor:

People who live in glass houses … So what does San Francisco’s love for Barry Bonds tell us about San Franciscans? George Steinbrenner just died, and usually the good things about people are recalled when they die. That said, Steinbrenner was much less exhalted in New York than the egomaniacal cheater Barry Bond was in SF. (Similarly, ARoid is widely despised in NY, even among Yankees fans.) In my view, New Yorkers have a fairly balanced view of the life of George Steinbrenner. So please, do tell us how we should view San Francisco’s love affair with Barry Bonds.

Vince O’Hara
Jersey City, NJ

To the Editor:

Hey, great exposing these draconian nasties in Orlando!! I’m sure that there are similar stories throughout this country that is MUCH TOO INTERESTED IN PRISONS, WARS AND BIG BUSINESS EXPLOITATION of anyone who is poor, different and especially those of us that speak out courageously against these horrors. Kudos and good writing … keep it up!

Ed Willard
San Francisco

To the Editor:

There are plenty of places in a city to serve free food. St. Anthony’s dining hall is a stellar example of that here in San Francisco. The free meals serve as an intake point to offer other services to the homeless, substance-abusers, and housed poor. Food Not Bombs and groups like them start from a compassionate place, but when they start regularly creating large crowds of scary-acting folks in public parks, it’s time to move the food give-away somewhere else in that same city. A public park should not be turned into a homeless feeding station. It’s not about being against poor people. It’s about using common sense so that a city’s resources can be shared by a diversity of people, not taken over by a specific subgroup.

Dana B.
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I’m confused with your accusation of Aaron Schock being a “homo.” You sound as if you have something against homosexuals. Do you say denigrating things about him, because you feel he is a threat to the progressive movement?

Mark Brennan
Santa Rosa, CA

Ed. Note: The author, Tommi Avicolli-Mecca, is openly gay — so certainly does not have a problem with homosexuals. Denigrating terms like “homo,” when said by another gay person, is more socially acceptable — and often, like in this case, meant in jest.

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