Gentrification in Bushwick?

by Randy Shaw on August 22, 2013

When Roberta’s pizza became New York City’s hottest new restaurant, it was only a matter of time before we would hear stories about the gentrification of Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood. The New York Times reports that average studio apartment rents in Bushwick have jumped 27% in the past two years, and that television and film stars are now spotted in the neighborhood. But for those despairing that they didn’t get to Bushwick in time, the Times suggests a new hotspot: the Ridgewood neighborhood of Queens. Queens has avoided the upscale conversion of much of Brooklyn and Manhattan in the past decade, but that may soon change. Let’s hope that the Times’ August 18 story, “Costly Rents Push Brooklynites to Queens,” has not already made Ridgewood unaffordable.

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