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by on May 27, 2009

To the Editor:

Man with Man and woman with woman is confusion. Even the dog knows his mate, and the fact that they have put it under civil rights is also confusion. This is not a civil rights issue or a discrimination issue. They say they are in love, but people who cheat say that to. We must take a stand on what is right. Human nature can be stupid sometimes trying to please everyone but we must remember God’s word. If you place your hand on a Bible to take office, you must uphold God’s word not mans. His blessings will remain when we remember God in our choices. Judgment will come if not.

Cappie Stuff, Cappie

To the Editor:

Hate wins again.

Alan Martin

Dear Randy Shaw:

As usual, many important and interesting observations on Obama and health care reform. But your dismissal of single payer activism shows you miss some of your own point.

OFA has so far failed to move people because its hallmark issue, health care reform, just isn’t what it is billed to be. The President’s and Senator Max Baucus’ plans just don’t amount to enough of a change to inspire action. Were the OFA health care campaign focused at least upon maintaining a strong public option within the health reform proposal, a la DFA and HCAN, then there might be more hope. If the President were to have supported a simple Medicare For All plan, H.R. 676, then they would have had no trouble firing up activists.

Of the thousands of meetings which they say they have initiated, I hosted one ( ). What was most striking about that experience was the silence from the Obama administration. There was no evidence that anyone paid any attention to the content of the feedback received, from me and my patients or from others.

Aaron Roland

To the Editor:

Obama’s new housing bill will drag out foreclosures even longer. It will be a long time before we are out of this mess and property values can start going up. There will be a lot of fraudulant leases going around. Dishonesty, corruption and greed are the reasons we are in this mess to begin with. This has good intentions but was done with very little thought. I’m not surprised at all.

Steven Nohrden

To the Editor:

I would rather see the money going directly to our schools, not through the Pentagon. The militarization of our schools is socially discouraging. Arne Duncan didn’t impress me during his Senate hearing, he was evasive on teachers’ derisory salaries, evasive on the pollution created by those dinosaur yellow school buses, and not trenchant on class sizes.

Naffis Griffis
San Francisco

Dear Lisa Schiff:

Do you believe the structural changes come first, e.g. the two-thirds legislative budget threshold (which I concur is stultifying) or that families self-educate (through leadership such as yours, for instance) regarding fundamental life philosophy that generates civic advocacy and action? More specifically, how does the redoubtable pressure of public sentiment come to be focused enough on legislative policy that the two-thirds threshold (or any other aspect of public policy and public policy-making) can be swayed? I guess that 40% of the electorate doesn’t really care if education is public or private so long as it’s “good.”

David Giesen

To the Editor:

Muni’s Route #9 is not the only line that doesn’t make sense, increasing the cost of other agencies (paratransit for sure), and which leaves frail seniors and disabled persons stranded.

I’m sure a lot of other lines do too, but cutting off the end of the 9X at Broadway rather than Kearny and eliminating both the 10 and 47 instead of combining them back into the 42 does the same. How can cutting off a few blocks of the 9 route possibly save more money than it creates in additional paratransit?

The green buses will add to the problem. That design cuts out most senior seating. It cuts out most seats for all.

Peggy Coster
San Francisco

To the Editor:

The failure of SEIU to convince its San Francisco members to support a give-back sounds like evidence of questionable decision making from the top of the SEIU food chain. It is inevitable that the philosophy and practice of Union cannibalism would have these kinds of consequences. The focus on national influence must not override the need to win the support of the local members, because without securing the local worksites everything will be a house of cards, as seems to be the case here. The lesson here: cannibalism works against unity.

Dan Mariscal

To the Editor:

Wow, the 2005 document (“memo”) about Muni that Marc Norton unearthed is fairly diabolical! Not only does it detail a $2 fare it also plans for the forthcoming $70 “premium” Fast Pass (which will allow passage on BART, currently included in the $45 Fast Pass). Note that the token discount was eliminated, then the tokens were eliminated, and the weekly Fast Passes were eliminated. Next look for the elimination of senior fares.

One thing we can sure: overpaid and inept senior management will never be eliminated!

Harry Pariser

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