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by on September 21, 2009

To the Editor:

The fact is – whenever gay rights are voted on by the people, gays will lose!! Churches are fighting, and winning this battle.

John Davis

To the Editor:

You are accusing the other side to be outsiders. Then, you are calling for outsiders to come to Maine. I don’t get it

Peter Tardy

To the Editor:

UNITE-HERE’s move to go back to AFL-CIO is the right thing to do. “Change to Win Federation” under the leadership of SEIU Andy Stern & Anna Burger is a poison to the labor movement. Consider Change to Win Federation dead and irrelevant to the labor movement. Stern is a fox wearing a chicken mask looking baby chicks to eat. Hypocrits! It is just a matter of time that SEIU will die.

Andres Bonifacio

To the Editor:

This is nothing more than the enormous ego of Andy Stern, and his eagerness for power and control at the expense of his members. UNITE HERE’s membership knows full well when they are getting screwed by Stern, and want to leave. Change To Win and Stern are facing a losing battle, and Stern’s ego is standing in the way. There was never a more important time in the labor movement for solidarity against the greedy Corporations than right now.

Joseph Mudry

To the Editor:

Just letting you know that I am Diana Grogg who plays Nurse/Friar Lawrence in “Romeo and Julien.” Thank you for the nice review. Justin is great in his role as Mercutio, he lends the show the much needed comedic flavor in the midst of the intensity. This is my first show in San Francisco and I have had a great experience with Boxcar Theatre. Thirty years of acting and I’ve made it to the big City! 🙂

Thank you,
Diana Grogg

To the Editor:

Re: the article about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. First, great regard for mentioning that venerable organization: GREENPEACE. Unfortunately, the immense floating garbage will not shrink. In Les Fourberies de Scapin, Moliere talks of the sea as a no man’s land with no laws. Therefore, the ships that ply that vast liquid gem will not think twice before throwing their garbage off board, for many and many years. In San Francisco, we had a difficult time to try to limit the damage caused by ballast waters emptied in our Bay, still you just take a nice walk along the coast of our Bay to see how the ordinance limiting ballast waters has no teeth. By induction, it is almost impossible to contain that gargantuan garbage. One thing for sure, they won’t be future archeologists to study our dirty footprints.

Nafiss Griffis
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I’ve not seen the movie “Crude,” but I don’t need to — I’ve been on the board of Amazon Watch, a nonprofit that monitors the oil and gas megaprojects in the Amazon, for about 5 to 7 years. I urge all readers who don’t know this topic in-depth to see the movie. BTW, Amazon Watch is an amazing group of people who are trying to keep the Amazonian oil in the ground. They have little victories here and there — this will be a huge one.

As to context, a group I helped start, the Center for Corporate Policy in DC, is an action-oriented think-tank in DC. They’ve had some minor victories, too, but there is one thing I’ve noted — when a large corporation is afraid of losing profits, they lie, as exemplified by
Peter Wong’s points.

Jonathan Frieman

To the Editor:

Good article. It is apparent that this guy, who asked the judge ‘That you have decided?’ (against Chevron) and that ‘there would be fees involved’ is both a Chevron provocateur, but in any case did not get the answers that he desired. The presentation in NYT did not recognize that there was no assent by the Ecuadorean judge to these crude attempts at entrapment. Not to mention the guys fractured and barely intelligible Spanish.

Colm McGinn

To the Editor:

You people seem to be all on the payroll of the oil Mafia led by the Saudis and their European sidekicks: Norway.

Its again that the poor people in the rich countries are not forking out more for the rich people in the poor countries even though they pay 20 to 30 times the production cost for crude.

And of course it is convenient to ignore that Barack Obama’s granny in Kogelo is suffering even more than German pensioners due to the criminal carteling of the oil price. And you cannot even say granny Sarah is saving the planet if she is forced to cut down the last trees in her village because kerosene is too expensive for her cooking stove.

Michael Helmburger

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