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by on October 23, 2009

To the Editor:

Mayor Gavin Newsom is nothing but a Republican. Now he talked about federal law, but was he thinking about state law when did same sex marriage? And now he got a brain this is B.S and Gavin know it. Do he really think that he’s going become Governor of our state? It’s time to hold a big rally outside his office. And call this damn Republican out.

Jazzie Collins
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Note that School Site Councils do not make the decisions entirely on their own! Generally, two community meetings a year with the entire parent population are held, with translation provided by parent liaisons and the District. At these meetings, the general parent body provides input and informal vote- do they rank the value of a computer teacher above a paraprofessional for kindergarten? Does the main office need both a secretary and a clerk (taking into account that one speaks Spanish and the other, Cantonese) Should the site cut its funding to an outside agency sports program?

This discussion was accompanied by descriptions of how many, and what type of students were served by a particular program of staff. This parent input also can be garnered through surveys taken at PTA meetings or sent home in weekly newsletters. Of course it is difficult when parents know the specific staff whose positions may be cut; it does get emotional. But at the elementary level, where the school is small enough for most parents to be familiar enough with most of the staff and programs, I found it to be a very fair process.

Sue Weaver

Dear Editor,

All right, where’s the link to the REAL Beyond Chron article on the MTA parking meter hearing? Judging from Carl Bloice’s and Marc Norton’s complaints, I was expecting a flurry of anti-leftist slurs that would have made Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck cream their pants.

Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that the alleged anti-ANSWER language was limited to one sentence in the lead paragraph. Even then, Paul Hogarth merely pointed out that ANSWER appeared to have a peculiar standard for classifying something as an assault on the proletariat. It appears that when it comes to reasonable criticism, ANSWER possesses the hide of a grape skin.

But seriously, Marc Norton raises a valid point that meeting the transportation needs of San Francisco should not be a one size fits all solution. Bicycling and public transportation makes sense for some San Franciscans while driving cars will make sense even for less wealthy San Franciscans. The trick is to find the right mix of public support that will meet as many San Franciscans’ needs as possible. MTA, though, has a notorious habit of going for the easy but inappropriate solution of hiking Muni fares up the ying-yang. San Francisco deserves a far better public transportation policy.

Peter Wong
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I believe that need to get along, fighting will not make the situation better. I am Catholic, I believe that we all need to gather together and love each other. Many of us are against each other. Peace and love is the solution to the all the problem we are facing in this planet. We must understand and realize that our life on earth is only temporarily. We must love each other no matter what religion we belong to. I am a very peaceful person, I love peace and I am willing to promote peace to anyone that is willing to receive love and caring emotions.

Bibiana Basilio

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