Follow That Story: Treasure Island School Wins Breathing Room

by James Tracy on May 27, 2005

Following two extraordinary mobilizations of parents, students and teachers the School Board decided to delay a vote on the possible closure of Treasure Island School until June 14th. Several compromises aimed at keeping the important neighborhood school have been proposed; and negotiations are expected to continue up until the June meeting.

Over the past week, several public officials have rolled up their sleeves to work with Island agencies to explore the possibility of keeping the school open. This has cut across a lot of the different political divisions in the District. Superintendent Ackerman has brought forward some viable options; and Board of Education President Eric Mar has participated in many of the negotiations in very good faith so far.

However, it is crucial that the School Board continue to hear from San Franciscans, both living on Treasure Island and in the “mainland” that the TI School is a unique resource essential to many family’s quest to become self-sufficient.

Board Members Contact Information:
Mr. Eric Mar, Esq. President e-mail:
Mr. Norman Yee Vice-President e-mail:
Mr. Eddie Y. Chin, J.D. e-mail:
Dr. Dan Kelly e-mail:
Ms. Sarah Lipson e-mail:
Mr. Mark Sanchez e-mail:
Ms. Jill Wynns e-mail:

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