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IRENE HAS A SEEMINGLY PERFECT LIFE. She travels on First class air travel in fantastic luxurious hotels. Her life may look dazzling, but she is a lonely soul. Irene is pretty, but sad. Looking for satisfaction with other peoples boyfriends, husbands and children just doesn’t work for her it only depresses her.  

The sudden death of a friendly acquaintance who had offered a link to the real world causes Irene to turn her critical eyes on her own unfulfilled longing and passions. Moving along beds with married men brings up physical and emotional traumas to Irene. Women seem to get into unhappy troubles. Hey – after all, the handsome Italian men speak loudly. No wonder — the men go from one bed to another. Oh my — the Italian sexual swaggering. They give many bittersweet tinges to love. 

This film makes exciting visions. The lovers go from Paris, Berlin, The Alps, Marrakesh and many Italian hotels. Yep – Irene and her boyfriends get to sleep everywhere. That’s what luxury and quality brings to wonderful Palaces to have sex and more. But sometimes, Irene wishes that she was not a lonely Professional hotel inspector. I one night stand just won’t work for her loneliness. 

The original Italian tittle is Viaggio Sola. It translates to “Traveling Alone”. Irene is lonely and sips cocktails in Paris, Stockholm and Berlin – and of course, the gorgeous Italy. 

This is a gorgeous colorful film. Yes, there are low points in her life — and Irene ends up being quite lonely. 

HERE ARE THE AMAZING ACTORS: Stefano Accorsi (Andrea) – Margherita Buy (Irene) – Fabrizia Sacchi – (Silvia) – Gianmarco Tognazzi (Tommaso) = Alessia Barela )Fabiana) – Lesley Manville: Kate Sherman and Henry Arnold – (Director) ….Fantastico

SIX STARS ****** OR Six Glasses of Champagne ****** (your choice) 



The Photo of Lee Hartgrave Boy Reporter is by Jim Ferreira – Film Noir & Hollywood Glamour.



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