Final Four Picks for Progressives

by Randy Shaw on March 28, 2011

I had a pretty good record over the past decade with March Madness picks. That’s past tense. Or, to quote Emerson, 2011 saw my predictions victimized by the “Law of Compensation.” My faith in victories by elite programs was confirmed by U Conn and Kentucky making the Final Four, but I had never even heard of Virginia Commonwealth until the controversy over their acceptance to the tournament. And I saw Butler as a one-shot wonder that would not repeat its 2010 finals appearance. At least progressive rooters for underdogs are assured of one outsider program in the finals, and the Calipari-Calhoun match-up ensures one of these outsized personalities goes down to defeat. Viriginia Commonwealth has the hippest coach with the best name – Shaka Smart – and I’ll be cheering for them next weekend. Who knows? A VCU victory may give new hope for those battling Big Banks over foreclosures, and for everyone striving to ensure that elite interests do not always win.

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