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by on December 5, 2007

Dear Paul:

Just wanted to inform you that in 1997, it was Richard Marquez, of the former Mission Agenda, who initially uncovered the growing number of Latino families residing in poorly run SRO hotels in the Mission District. Marquez brought this to my attention while I was working as a planner for Dept. of Children, Youth and Their Families.

We, along with Maria X. Martinez of the Dept. of Public Health, created the first advocacy-based working committee–the Families in SROs Working Group. This group worked in conjunction with the SRO Task Force to push an agenda toward creating safer and more liveable conditions for those families with children living in SRO hotels.

It’s nice to see our efforts were not in vain.

Cathy Garza

Dear Paul:

Thank YOu for your insightful pieces about Barack Obama and Sister Bernie Galvin. Do you know of any efforts to build a “Hilary firewall” here in California so she can’t win the Golden State? I cannot stand four more years of Clinton B.S. and rabid right-wing target practice.

Re: homelessness … with the state “budget crisis” (i.e. refusal to raise the taxes on the rich that Gray Davis cut) looming, isn’t it time to start focusing on the lack of money given to counties by the state and the state’s responsibility to start raising revenue? Taxes are the dues we pay for a civil society. It’s time for people to start paying their dues.

Jeff Gillenkirk

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