“Falwell, MUNI…”

by on May 21, 2007


Falwell has caused lasting damage by teaching fairy-tale science at his ‘University’, poisoning young, eager minds with ‘new earth creationism’ nonsense. His Hate speach about gay people shows what a vile man he really was. And for what? To make money by claiming that gay people were an imminent “threat”. He had the chance to use the bible for peace and instead used it as a weapon against sections of the community. What an utterly repugnant and shameful thing to do! America has become demented by christianity which has become accustomed to preaching the preposterous at the expense of science.

He had done more for society by dying than he ever did in life! As a European I am mystified at the level of religeous hogwash preached in America – I even here that they (the christians) don’t believe in evolution in the US. Perhaps these creepy christian nutters in the US should read Sam Harris’s book ‘The End of Faith” and Richard Dawkins’s book “The God Delusion”. Then, perhaps, they just might grow up!

Richard Murphy

To the Editor,

Thanks for the story on low-income Muni passes. The lack of publicity for the Lifeline Fast Pass is typical of Muni. Tokens used to offer a nice discount as well as an alternative to a pocketful of change. Most people had never heard of tokens, either.

One problem with the Lifeline Pass is that, like the senior, youth, and disabled passes, it cannot be used on BART like a regular adult Fast Pass, actually making it more expensive for some riders. I wrote about this issue in the Mission Dispatch.

Fran Taylor
San Francisco

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