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by on June 2, 2006


Thanks for your article on the June 6 election.

I don’t think the Department of Elections is the only one to blame for getting the city Voter Information Pamphlets (VIPs) out so late. (I finally cast my absentee ballot today, despite still not receiving mine.) While the Department is certainly to blame, this glitch could have been avoided if the Elections Commission had been doing its duty earlier in the year.

The Commission consistently fails to be critical of the Department when they should be, even when members of the public show up at Elections Commission meetings and voice their concerns about Department decisions.

On top of that, the Commission failed even to make quorum in their crucial last meeting before the election (on May 17). On that day without quorum, they took public comment and then adjourned — not even asking for the Director’s report (from Director of Elections John Arntz). They could have learned about problems with the VIP on that day if they had inquired.

As one of a number of concerned members of the public who regularly attend Elections Commission meetings, the Commission’s inaction and unresponsiveness is frustrating to say the least.

Chris Jerdonek


Sadly, community activist Frederick Hobson passed away. I did my best to piece together an obit from the little info I have..I know there is more, if anyone can pursue it. Daly’s office will be doing an En Memoriam at the next Board meeting. I’ve attached a photo for your use as well. thanks, Sara

Frederick Hobson passed away on Monday, May 15th. Frederick was a passionate and committed neighborhood, community and political activist who advocated tirelessly on behalf of an array of social justice issues including: the environment, affordable housing and tenant’s rights, LGBT issues, HIV/AIDS and public health policy, animal care and Tenderloin neighborhood crime and safety issues. He was born on April, 8,1950. Frederick also served on many City boards and commissions including: The Citywide Drug Abuse Advisory Board, the

Animal Care and Control Commission, the Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Board and the San Francisco Health Authority. He was an active member of many community organizations and served on the Board of San Francisco Tomorrow, the Alliance for A Better District 6, SF Health Plan, Group Help Health and the District 6 Democrats. Frederick was extremely active in the civic life of the City and ran both for Democratic Central Committee and for District 6 Supervisor. Most recently, he devoted much of his time to organizing with local agencies and elected officials to preserve the affordability of his Tenderloin apartment building, where low-income, seniors and disabled tenants were at-risk of losing their Section 8 subsidies. Frederick was an animal lover who is survived by his cats Drucilla & Wilse and birds Florence and & Beau (nightingales) and Aloysuis the ornate lorikeet.

Sara Shortt
Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco

Dear Editor,

I’d like to point out a glaring inconsistenty in the crux of your recent story “Tenants to Rally Against Ellis Act Eviction.” Most anti-homeownership stories * including your story * are always predicated on the notion that greedy landlords want to convert buildings into “market rate condos” and make a lot of money in the process. However, the affected building in your story is 7-units. Under San Francisco law, this building can never convert to condo. Only buidlings up to 6 units are allowed to convert. So, this building will forever remain a TIC. Since your commonly assumed notion was that this building wanted to become condo is not longer true, is it safe to assume that this building simply couldn’t remain profitable under the pressure of rent control?

When reporting these type of stories, San Franciscans deserve objective reporting — not emotional hype. This story proves that condo-conversion is not the motivator. Perhaps survival and not greed was the motivator?

Randy Brasche
President, San Francisco TIC Coalition

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