“Elections, Noe Valley Candidates ‘Debate’…”

by on October 31, 2006

Hi Paul,

Although the NJ legislative decision will come after the November election, it will be decided in an election year and it appears that legislators are already running from marriage because of that. Only the people of NJ can assure legislators that marriage is a safe choice.

Bobbi Branford, CT

Open letter to Supervisor Dufty and others,

What was billed as a “conversation” between Mayor Newsom and Supervisor Dufty turned out to be nothing more than a staged self promotion by the Mayor. No dialog with the audience; we weren’t permitted to speak; our questions and concerns had to be submitted in writing..taking a leaf out of Bush’s playbook n’est pas. These questions were then vetted and selected by our ‘representative’, giving Newsom the opportunity to posture and pontificate, deliver prepared responses trumpeting his accomplishments and ‘plans for the future’, essentially taking credit for the years of work by others more qualified and committed, (our thanks, as always, to Tom Ammiano in particular). I was able to delay the Mayor briefly before he was hustled out the door and asked if he was going to hold Lennar to their promise to build low-income rental units in the Bayview. His rushed response was essentially..”Oh, that was an unfortunate article..the way it was written..we actually got much more than we gave up..”.(SFChronicle.10/18/06. Robert Selna) It comes as no surprise to us that promises are being broken and new backroom deals brokered out of public view in favor of ‘special interests’. Were YOU aware of these activities ?. What is next ?. What did WE gain by giving up these ‘affordable’ units ?. What consolation will that be to the 400 families who will now not be able to rent these units (except perhaps avoiding the potential health hazards of living over a toxic dump site) ?. If the rules and requirements as laid out in the Redvelopment Proposal can be broken and manipulated in this way for the financial benefit of the speculators, why cant you bend a little in favor of the residents of this city, who you are legally and morally bound to represent, challenge the City Attorney’s specious opinion invalidating 33,000 petition signatures, and restore the citizens right to vote and participate in our democracy and future. Clarification of, and a response to, above questions would be appreciated, especially from Supervisor Dufty, who to date has not responded to similar requests from a number of his constituents. Thankyou for your attention. Patrick Monk.RN. Noe Valley.

PS. Gavin’s hair appeared less greasy, maybe he’s trying the Matt look; if only he would adopt the Matt approach. Maybe in a couple of years we can get the real thing !!!

Patrick Monk, RN

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