To the Editor…

by Walter Ballin on August 13, 2014

An excellent blog you wrote Is Clinton More Popular Than Obama? In view of her recent attacks on Obama, I no longer believe that her being nominated by the Democrats is inevitable. This is particularly in what she said in her interview with Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic. Regarding Hillary’s condemnation of Obama for not arming the Syrian rebels etc., it’s not exactly like she wasn’t in on the loop. When she resigned as Secretary of State, she didn’t say it was because of policy differences. This is a dumb strategy that HIllary is embarking on. In that interview she wholeheartedly embraced Netanyahu and the Israeli Likudniks. This is not where most Democrats are including the majority of Jewish Democrats. If she is the Democratic nominee, she could actually blow it for the Democrats, as much of the base won’t have an incentive to come out and vote for her. I may be wrong, but I predict that she has now invited a serious challenge for the nomination and that someone else will be nominated. I certainly hope so. Hillary is not such a smart politician as it’s being made out to be, by a lot of the pundits and media.


Walter Ballin


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