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by on February 23, 2015

Beyondchron (who ever you are):

Saw your article on the Internet in Google Alerts for “SFFD”.  Nice going!  Excellent article the likes of which USED TO BE written by Matier & Ross for the Chronicle.  As a retired SF Firefighter (along with another), I brought several things like this to their attention in the past two years (including the Diamond Heights fire which cost the lives of two firefighters and the Bright Street fire) and Ross said he would contact me for more details.  I’m still waiting for his call over a year later.  Yeah!  Sure!


At any rate, you raise all the appropriate issues except two:  1) exactly WHO is the Fire Marshal (the head of the inspection Bureau) and 2) exactly WHO is HER BOSS?  Hint: Recent ambulance delay stories with “soft and sympathetic denials by the mayor and some supervisors” should give you a clue.  Those two are the folks who are responsible for letting “too few” inspectors do “too shoddy” inspections.  But, if this story gains traction, I suspect only the inspectors at the lowest level will get the heat.  That’s how it works isn’t it?  And yes, the media such as it is gets a free pass as usual.


At any rate, GREAT job of asking the RIGHT questions.  Good luck in getting responsible answers.


Ted Gold

(An old guy long retired from a once proud and capable department)

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