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by on December 10, 2014

Subject: Police protests article

I have an experience in the ‘Occupy’ movement with similar events as you relate in your article.

I was actually the first ‘silent protestor’ that started the public actions then where I was residing at the time: San Luis Obispo, CA.

I dressed up incognito, complete with false beard, sunglasses, raincoat, and did not speak.

I carried around one home-made sign …one side was “TAX the RICH”, and the other was the website for the Occupy movement begun in NYC.

In the beginning, things went well. Conscientious students and more than a few professional people joined and within weeks there were close to 200 protesting the theivery of the big banks and the rest of the financial rip-off artists.

Marches were focused, but mostly silent and peaceful.

THEN, the whole operation was hijacked by so-called ‘homeless’ activists, druggies and pot freaks, anarchists and quasi-communists, and a cadre of agent provocateurs that I got the sense were recruited skin-heads and other criminal types.

These later ones always looked ‘homeless’ but seemed to have plenty of expensive electronic gear.

Needless to say, I subtracted myself from any further demonstrations …even after I attempted to inform the more rational among the organizers that we were being hijacked. Most of them were pretty stupid too.

Of course, the objective was too shift focus and cause the demise of whatever movement we had going for a time.

I guess those situations are inherent with street opera …unless you have a body of organizers that know how to avoid these .

I do what I can with my cartoons.


Joe Rank aka Kranky

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