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by on August 26, 2014

Subject: The New York Homeless

I just got back from Manhattan.  I looked around and talked about the homeless with New Yorkers.  The situation in San Francisco is many times worse.  Have you looked at the quality of the shelters (if you can get in?) in SF?  A hundred men in a room sleeping on a floor on Polk Street and I hear the other shelters are just as bad.  I talked to a guy last Friday who had to sleep sitting on a chair in a SF shelter.  At least NYC is taking an approach to get the homeless sheltered.  I’m not seeing it here.

It’s rare to find homeless sleeping on the streets in NYC.  I didn’t see any.  I did see a lot of “scruffy” people, but I support the right to look “scruffy”.  Except for a couple of panhandling signs, I was not solicited for money in NYC.  New Yorkers tell me my observations are accurate.  People familiar with both SF and NYC tell me my observations are accurate.

I get it.  Being homeless is not a happy place.  There is a truth that the homeless are their own worst enemies and many make it a choice by alienating friends, family, and social networks.  . .  . Still, get these people private, clean rooms and shower facillities!!!!  There’s no excuse not to give everyone some dignity.


George Davis, San Francisco

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