Ed Lee & the Chinese Community; MoveOn vs. the Tea Party; Rebuild the Dream …

by on August 2, 2011

To the Editor:

Thank you for the information on this insightful article. Now I am aware that those Chinese high school kids who put up all the signs of “Run Ed Run,” and collect over 35,000 signatures from tourists in Chinatown were from youth programs at CCDC. Hundreds of old Chinese ladies and old Chinese men were mobilized to do so called grassroots campaign were all from CCDC control, and doing Ed Lee campaigning. Good job, CCDC.

Jason Chan
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Reading the above makes Ed Lee’s turning his back on the low income residents (many of whom are Asian) of Parkmerced even more problematic. The excuse that he inherited an “already done deal” just doesn’t hold! He wouldn’t even meet with residents, let alone come out here and see for himself what our issues and concerns are.

Susan Suval
San Francisco

To the Editor:

There is so much pressures and bias publicity favoring appointed SF City Mayor Ed Lee to run in November 2011 election. It is not fair for the guy to be used as Willie Brown’s “puppet” or Rose Pak’s “doggie bag.” Ed Lee is his own man, and should keep his promise to the public that he’s not going to betray the people who appointed him as interim Mayor of San Francisco. The majority of San Franciscans will respect him as a “man of integrity” if he stands his own feet and say to Willie and Rose: “No Mas”!

Daz Lamparas
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Thank you for letting people know about the MoveOn rally. Too bad the media is controlled by giant corporations who don\’t want people to hear our voices.

Robin Brasso
San Francisco

To the Editor:

You are so correct about the media, and its inability (or perhaps even unwillingness) to report on the real story — the lack of jobs and the need for greater not smaller stimulus. This entire debt deal is disgusting, and President Obama provides the perfect COVER for the Republicans who will not increase taxes but will gladly cut benefits.

The Republicans could not have invented a better President than the wishy washy Obama — he was made for them. He has no guts and caves whenever the Republicans stand tall rather than take a defeat by remaining firm on principles. “A person for change” — what a joke. It is horrible. Congress should reject the “debt deal,” but it does not have the guts to do so. A real black day for this country, but wonderful for the rich and corporate interests, including the media who is manufacturing the story rather than reporting what the real people want.

Ron Laupheimer
San Francisco

To the Editor:

What is the American Dream Movement actually going to do to counteract the Tea Party propaganda machines? We need powerful speakers (hey Obama, why aren’t you out there motivating us?),talk shows all across the media. Rachel Maddow can’t do it alone! If disenchanted people are as numerous as they suggest are they planning any recall movements against the more outrageous politicians, such as governors of Maine, Wisconsin and Arizona? Or even our senators from California, Feinstein and Boxer, who although properly democratic, are never heard from in the current melee and don’t seem to be fighting very hard for their constituents.

Are they planning to wake those people up in some way? What is their platform? Do they have any concrete ideas for laws or policies that would actually benefit the unemployed, the foreclosed upon, the uninsured etc., in practical ways? Are they an army of malcontents or is there going to be some action here? And what can we the people do to help – other than send money?

If they tell people what to do and how to do it, they will. Here’s something to work towards, and it should have been done from day one: pressure the banks to allow people to stay in their homes by allowing them to pay rent in an amount they can afford, rather than throwing them out into the street, destroying lives and whole neighborhoods. I, too, am mad as hell, but I don’t see any leadership on the horizon that can fire up the disenchanted like those tea partiers manage to do. They have somehow managed to convince millions of ordinary, vulnerable people to want to protect the corporations and the rich, even to their own detriment.

Gabriele Swanson
Monterey, CA

To the Editor:

Randy Shaw is correct when he says that “if national progressive movements are coming to Washington to only criticize Republicans, they may as well stay home.” I listened to Ralph Nader speaking on TV news the other night. Nader was fronting for a coalition of morons who want to recruit a liberal public figure to run against Obama in next year’s presidential primary. The idea is not to take the nomination from Obama, Nader said, but to force him to run his race a little farther to the Left.

My questions for Nader et al. are: “Why in hell do you NOT want to take the nomination from Obama? If you only want to scare him a little, what makes you think that once he gets re-elected, he won’t betray you again? And if you don’t actually intend to beat Obama in the primaries, who do you think is going to support you with their money and their labor? Why should anybody spend blood and treasure on a group of people who aren’t serious? Whatsamatta you! Retarded?” I voted Nader for president at least twice in my life because I thought Nader was smarter than that. I guess it’s like Chuck Berry always says: “It goes to show you never can tell.”

Jimmy Montague
Troy Mills, IA

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