DPW Places Ugly Yellow Boxes in Historic District

by Paul Hogarth on November 10, 2009

If you walk through the Tenderloin these days, you’ll find some great street art projects from the current Wonderland exhibit. But at the corner of Ellis & Jones, you’ll also find some hideous yellow boxes – planted last week by the city’s Department of Public Works with no community input. These boxes are attracting a nuisance, with loiterers blocking the sidewalk for disabled residents – and using them as a dumping ground for empty liquor bottles, garbage, feces, even knives. The decorative “palm trees” that DPW planted in the boxes area similar to what Redevelopment did to Sixth Street, which makes me wonder if we’ll be dealing with the same maintenance issues. The Uptown Tenderloin is a national historic district, and residents are working to get city approval to install plaques on historic buildings in the area. Meanwhile, DPW can suddenly dump these eyesores in our neighborhood – with no input – while residents and owners alike are furious.

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