“Don’t Forget Moscone, Proud Infidel…”

by on November 28, 2006

Please Paul,

Do not forget Mayor Moscone. He was always interested in what was going on in the many faceted gay community and often took part

in many events at a time it was not yet fashionable to do so, even in San Francisco. I believe if George was not assassinated, in time he would of became a great Governor and statesman. I believe Harvey’s best

moments as Supervisor was his great effort to defeat the Briggs Initiative. Harvey was a friend but some of the people around him too often were only interested in the gay aspect of politics. If John Kennedy,Bobby, ML King, and Harvey and George were not assassinated, and Paul Wellstone not killed in his prime, I often wonder what today’s

society would be like today and always hoping that there would be other

politicians to come a long and pick up the torch they all carried and the sooner the better for America and the world.

Jerry Pritikin/ Chicago


The author of the Article “In God We Trust” – NOT, should be reminded that our country was founded by Men of Faith. Nobody is trying to “convert” anybody..perhaps if his currency is so repugnant, he should send it all to me.

Perhaps he would be more comfortable in a Socialist State where he would not have to SUFFER the idignities of living in the United States of America.

-Mark Simons Proud Infidel

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