District 10 Supervisor Race …

by on October 29, 2010

To the Editor:

You seem to assume that moderate voters in Potrero Hill will automatically vote for a flawed moderate candidates. And that they would never consider supporting relatively mainstream progressives like DeWitt Lacy, Eric Smith, or even Chris Jackson. I am not sure that is the case. Would moderates really hold their noses and cast votes for YOU KNOW WHO out of some ideological, anti‑progressive crusade? In Louisiana or Kentucky maybe, but I’m not so sure about out here.

Kevin Bard
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I’m endorsing Kristine Enea for District 10 Supervisor because she impresses me as a down‑to‑earth public citizen, genuinely interested in the welfare of those least able to affect City Hall. I sense that she has the mental toughness and commitment to represent every constituent of District 10, regardless of income. I also like Kristine as a person. She doesn’t patronize you, or treat you like her meal ticket. She’s authentic. She has an attention span. :o)

Maryanne Razzo
San Francisco

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