DENVER DISPATCH: Rocking the Youth Vote for Obama …

by Paul Hogarth on August 26, 2008

DENVER 2:10 P.M.: Young people in the last three elections have been voting Democratic by increasingly large proportions, which will not only help Barack Obama win the presidency – but potentially launch a new generation of yellow-dog Democrats similar to the FDR Democrat phenomenon. I just got out of a panel on the Youth Vote, moderated by Jane Fleming Kleeb (i.e., Scott Kleeb’s wife) of the Young Voters PAC. “The Obama campaign is targeting young voters,” said Kleeb. “They’re not relying on his celebrity factor or the ‘coolness’ of Obama, they have invested real resources into getting out the youth vote.” In a lively discussion, participants discussed various impediments towards young people registering to vote, and efforts to reach out the youth vote in a culturally relevant manner. I also spent time talking with Dan Katz click here for interview, organizing director for Cal-PIRG – who is about to begin working for Colorado PIRG, where he will focus on getting out the youth vote in a crucial swing state.

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