DENVER DISPATCH: Pelosi Schools Traditional Media; Punts on SF Clean Energy Act

by Paul Hogarth on August 25, 2008

DENVER 8:58 A.M.: “This is like a yesterday room,” said an exasperated Speaker Nancy Pelosi at a morning press conference – after each and every reporter (starting with the SF Chronicle’s Carla Marinucci) peppered her with questions about whether bitter Hillary Clinton supporters would hurt Barack Obama’s chances in November. “Did I just walk into a time capsule,” she asked. “We decided the nomination. Just wallowing is non-productive. We’re all talking in a cocoon, while the American people are hurting.” I was the only person in the room who asked her about a different topic: because she endorsed Al Gore’s ambitious goals of energy independence by 2019, does she support San Francisco’s Clean Energy Act (Prop H) – which calls for energy independence by 2040? “I haven’t seen the text,” she replied, “but I support going in that direction. This timetable of energy independence is a path we hope to go on.” Maybe she should have sent a proxy to the Democratic County Central Committee

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