DENVER DISPATCH: Pelosi a Star–Outside San Francisco

by Randy Shaw on August 26, 2008

DENVER 10:24 A.M.: The most scathing critique issued against John McCain on the first night of the convention came from San Francisco’s own Nancy Pelosi. James Carville argued that the Dems failed to criticize McCain and the Republicans Monday night, apparently missing Pelosi’s speech, which really got the crowd going. I was sitting next to men from Mississippi and Wisconsin, and they said to be “that’s your representative. You folks must really be proud of her.” When I told them that actually many progressives in SF were quite negative toward Pelosi they were shocked—which has been the common reaction when folks here that Pelosi is being criticized from the left. Attending a national convention is a wonderful wake-up call to political reality in the United States—a nation where the vast majority of Democrats see Nancy Pelosi as a key progressive leader.

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