Dems to Wimp Out Again

by Tommi Avicolli-Mecca on April 30, 2008

With most of America solidly opposed to the war, Democrats in Congress are about to hand George Bush, one of the most unpopular presidents of recent history, his biggest Iraq spending bill ever: $108 billion plus a bridge fund of $70 billion.

The money will fund the war not only until the end of Bush’s term in office, but also six months into the next presidency. Impeachment may not have been on the table for the Democrats, but wimping out certainly is.

How is it that the man who lied and deceived the nation and the world, and started wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that have killed over 4,500 Americans and untold Afghan and Iraqi civilians, is once again going to get everything he wants? What a shame some White House intern never got caught with his bodily fluid on her dress.

Come January 2009, George Bush will retire an elder statesman, with all the honors given any other president. He will go on with his privileged little life, as if he never trashed two Middle Eastern countries, not to mention our nation’s economy, all in the name of–what? Oil? Profits for his already wealthy buddies? It doesn’t matter.

George Bush will never have to answer for his actions. It’s the great American civics lesson. Listen up, kids: Accountability is for the average Joe or Jane. It’s for the many black men who end up in prison for drug offenses while their white counterparts get off without any time.

To save face for capitulating to Bush’s desire for more bloodshed, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-SF) is pledging to add money to the war request for issues she cares about, such as extending unemployment benefits another 13 weeks. But antiwar Democrats, such as Barbara Lee of Oakland, see that as a bad idea.

Lee told the SF Chronicle: “It just doesn’t make sense to force (members of Congress) to choose between providing food stamps for people who are hurting and need help during this terrible time and funding an occupation that people do not support.”

Pelosi is well aware that Bush has already threatened to veto any legislation that includes anything but his warmongering money. Pelosi can posture now, but, in the end, the Democrats will back down and give him everything he wants.

When it comes to money for war, they always do.

Tommi Avicolli Mecca is a radical southern Italian queer atheist performer and writer with a website:

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