Democrats & the Middle Class; Even More on Parkmerced …

by on June 1, 2011

To the Editor:

A very perceptive and well-told piece. However, there is a one more part of the story which is only touched upon, namely the fact that the labor movement was co-opted by the national security state during the Cold War. Many union jobs were, (and still are by the way) to be found in the defense industry. It can be said that the post WWII arms build up was accomplished with the aid of Union labor. George Meany himself had ties to the CIA, and many established labor organizations cooperated with the US Government to purge themselves of “left leaning” elements. A power vacuum was thus created which the student radicals later subsequently filled. Thus, when the time came for uniting on common issues, the patriotism card was always played by the national security state to keep labor and the former ’60s left divided, as first occurred during the Vietnam era and ever since. It can indeed be said that the American labor movement was a casualty of the Cold War.

John F. Davies
Berkeley , CA

To the Editor:

The proposed expansion of Parkmerced for several thousand more units and tenants can not be a good idea. At present, the management has a full plate to handle with the upkeep of the property. So with a lot more units to take care of, there will be heartaches for maintenance staff. Some buildings are well cared for, some are not, depending on how many reckless neighbors live in them. Some of us pick up the trash others throw on the floor, and leave stuffed in the garbage chutes. Some of us close doors that many tenants leave ajar. We don’t have enough staff to consistently do such things. Some neighbors pick up beer bottles left on large grassy areas during weekends of outdoor partying; some neighbors throw cigarette butts and papers right in front of outdoor trashcans. I don’t care to see a few thousand more careless future neighbors.

Dorothy Lefkovits
San Francisco

To the Editor:

As usual, this article is full of misinformation. My name is Elizabeth Keith, I have been a Parkmerced resident for 18 years. I am grateful for David Chiu and for his vote. There has been a small group of tenant activists that have opposed this project from the beginning. These activists have done nothing but spread misinformation and lies, these tenants have used scare tactics and misrepresentations in order to raise fear among the elderly and the most vulnerable tenants.

I went door to door with a Parkmerced representatives in order to answer questions and clear up misunderstandings. I found the majority of the tenants to be very grateful for the visit and welcoming of the project. This landlord has made every effort to address all issues brought up by the tenants and has made it clear that they want to this community to feel safe will promising to improve our quality of life. I believe the Development Agreement negotiated with the City will protect our rent control and I am confident that Parkmerced will come through with its promises. I ask you to support this project at the second reading, I believe it is good for the residents of Parkmerced and good for the city of San Francisco.

Elizabeth Keith
San Francisco

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