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by on July 20, 2010

To the Editor:

Thank you very much for this article. I feel very demoralized about the Democrats. With all this talk about the horrible deficit and how to cut spending. Well I know some spending we can cut! Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan!

Norman Degelman
San Francisco

To the Editor:

This is a joke, right? All of these so-called progressives on the Board of Supervisors save Eric Mar and Ross Mirkarimi voted to privatize the Arboretum, which has been free since 1940. And there are many other examples such as the vote on Hunters Point, and tax breaks for biotech companies. Pathetic!

Harry P.
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I totally agree that the Board of Supervisors has been unnecessarily raked over the coals over the years by reactionaries who want to return to the bad-old-days of a de-professionalized legislature. But you didn’t mention the “contributions” of Sophie Maxwell, Michela Alioto-Pier, or Carmen Chu. Your silence is indeed deafening.

Kevin Bard
San Francisco

To the Editor:

From an old white woman in Tennessee, your article about racists in the Tea Party is SOOO true. Anyone who thinks these are just nice folks who don\’t like socialism is not paying attention.

Alice Snyder
Tellico Plains, TN

To the Editor:

The American form of apartheid is necessarily beginning to be defined along with the governmental apparatus that will be needed to maintain “white” power. White America is not going to yield privilege and power to the “majority.” We all knew this was coming, and having a black President is the perfect time to launch the Tea Party. The Tea Party will soft-peddle racism until they have achieved some political power within the already racist GOP. Racism will be the magnet that will catapult the Tea Party to the forefront of the ensuing American socio-economic power struggle for the next few decades.

Gene Jaleski
Sarasota, FL

To the Editor:

I’m not saying that there isn’t racism in the Tea Party, because I’m sure there is. But to condemn an entire group of people for a few is exactly what minorities have been trying to fight against for decades. It’s a simple argument really. If we are going to call the entire tea party racist, studies should be done to determine which race commits the most crime and that whole race should be condemned because of the few. Or figure out which political party does the most drugs and condemn them. All I’m saying is, we don’t need to be jumping to conclusions and burning people at the stake over a few bad apples.

Matt Timmons
Kansas City, MO

To the Editor:

I settled in the South after a career in the Army. I find your authors to be anything but unbiased. Their liberal drivel drowns any comments that could be heard. It is obvious to people who read that the writers of article in the mainstream media are over emphasizing the bad parts of mainstream America, in order to appear hip and cool among their liberal set. If you live in a city, and are surrounded by liberal, complaining, whining, non veterans, then all you will hear is the rhetoric espoused by the current socialist mentality pervasive within cities such as New York and San Francisco. Should you care to venture out into the real world, where families work, pay taxes, go to church and refuse to capitulate the mass media mind washing, you would realize just how far out of touch with the real mainstream you truly are.

Arrogant American
Byron, GA

To the Editor:

I think you nailed it with the last sentence about Tea Partiers being stuck in the 1950s — since polls about them and their support in wider society point directly at over 45, white, upper middle class and apparently college educated (don’t know what schools they went to, or what they studied – since what they spew as history is complete garbage) AKA raised in a very segregated time and presumably given their economic demographics, somewhat privileged.

Joe User
Somewhere Over The Rainbow

To the Editor:

Completely biased piece; conclusion based on one sign and the uncorroborated word of left wing partisans. Racism is everywhere, of all colors, within all creeds and ubiquitous because there is evolutionary survival value in perceiving a threat from those who are different. It is a humane effort for the human race to overcome the tendency to be bigoted. So to say that there is no racism in the TEA Party is deductively wrong.

Nevertheless, we all should expel racism and promote the idea that we are all children of God who creates us equal. However, there are millions of signs made by tea partiers and the opposition can only find just one? And, I agree with the conclusion that Obamacare is a move backwards from modern medicine, fated to be encumbered by bureaucracy and will end up a shamanic rain dance. The author of this political speech may have been using the witch doctor symbol metaphorically. Point is, there is intellectual value other than racism in the politically incorrect poster.

But the left will deny it, as it cannot see beyond its own dialectic rationalization and political advantage in the ad hominem.

Cornelius Van Sant
Bradenton, FL

To the Editor:

What a bunch of crap! Lets address the Black Panther on video, speaking of hating whitey and advocating killing crackers and their babies. THAT is racism. Voting for Obama because he is black is racism. Obama is incompetant; probably the worst president in our Nations history. Obama is half black and half white … what does the Black Panther say about Obama’s white mother? Would he have advocated killing her baby because it was a half breed? The Black Panthers are the racists. This is all about trying to get him re-elected in 2012. He’s appealing to blacks, Hispanics (illegals included) and gays for his votes. He’ll lose. I’ll be voting against him because of his track record and his incompetence, not his color.

Richard Small
Bath, NY

To the Editor:

The TEA Party is about taxes, especially income tax, and also the huge deficit. I do not call the fact that 90% of blacks pay no income tax racism. That’s the way it is. TEA party members feel that people with no stake in the game shouldn’t be in the game.

Kenneth Luedtke
Richfield, WI

To the Editor:

Firstly, examples do not ABOUND. There are racists everywhere. You have selected a few rare instances where the Tea Party members did not reprimand the person or persons holding those signs. The Tea Parties cannot police every single person who attends. There are no tickets or check points to see the posters and read peoples’ minds. The rare instances of racism are as likely as the Black Panthers wanting to kill “crackers” and “cracker babies.” Where are the comments about racism from the Black Panthers?

“A few months ago” when the Congressional Black Caucus were heckled because of the policies of the Barack Obama policies, not because they were the Congressional Black Caucus. There was NO evidence of members of the Caucus being spit on or called “the n-word.” Andrew Breitbart, et. al. has debunked that charge. You need to provide better sources on your “research” with documentation and quotes about what people have said. Just putting quotes by a phrase does not mean it was said or printed anywhere.

The people getting involved with Tea Party events are increasingly becoming people who have been laid off because of the economic down turn. I personally know two engineers that have been laid off and are creating patriotic groups throughout the state. So people are waking up to the US citizen privilege of being in a free country. Where are you objective interviews with Tea Party organizers? It’s only fair to get feedback from various patriotic groups to offer a counter point to the people who believe the Tea Party movement is racists. Are there racists in this country? Of course, from all races there are racists. Every race has racists.

Peter Cobb
Fond du Lac, WI

To the Editor:

I find it interesting that you draw a parallel between George Steinbrenner’s obsession with winning, New York and Goldman Sachs. Could it be that the “win at all costs” attitude be what’s wrong with politics, both near and far? Perhaps you should have extended that parallel to include Chris Daly.

Bill Sappington
Oakland, CA

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