Democrat Specter May Draw Primary Challenge

by Paul Hogarth on April 29, 2009

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has quit the Republican Party to become a Democrat, as the GOP plunges further off the right cliff. Democrats had tried in the past to get Specter to switch, while unions had offered to help him win a Republican primary – if he supported the Employee Free Choice Act. But in yesterday’s news conference, Specter said he plans to oppose EFCA – making his party switch rather meaningless. In March, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell told a reporter he had tried to recruit Specter to switch parties – and if that happened Democrats would clear the field so he could win the Party’s primary “unopposed.” But that was before Specter came out against EFCA. Pennsylvania Democrats would be foolish to just give him a pass, when what really matters is progressive legislation. In an interview yesterday, Congressman Joe Sestak told MSNBC he might take him on anyway.

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