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by Buzzin Lee Hartgrave on November 30, 2012

THE REALLY FAMOUS DO NOT DIE – They just make other arrangements: For instance, you can attend a Cyril Magnin cheap matinee at A.C.T. for a Christmas Carol. Ooops – they don’t call it the Magnin matinee anymore – it’s just a “Matinee”. How quickly they forget.

SOME WRITERS LIVE ON COFFEE – OTHERS GO OUT! Celeb watching has never been better, than at the Posh Rrazz Room. Everybody who is anybody shows up to have a buffo time. Attitudes are dropped outside the door. Color the place FUN! Especially Sharon McNight in a xmas treat.

FEEL LIKE SEEING A CLASSIC ROMANTIC COMEDY? Well – “Bell, Book and Candle” is just perfect Holiday Entertainment. You will be bewitched, bothered and bewildered. Hey, what do you expect when you fall in love with a witch. She really has some good Witchy things about her, but when she falls in love she might lose her magical powers forever. Remember – The movie version starred Kim Novak and James Stewart. It won a Golden Globe in 1959. I promise that you won’t be bewildered – you’ll just be gassed at the stage play at the San Francisco Playhouse (450 Post Street) above the Farallon Restaurant. Sounds like another Smash hit to me.

NUDE IS GOOD! Well, that’s not exactly true. S.F. wants them to at least put on a fig leaf. The nudies hanging out on Castro Benches (and elsewhere) notice that they are being photographed from the waist down. This really is a “Full Monty” treat. What will Diane “F” think? “Some like it Not!”

On Dec. 10th is another wonderful “Help is on the way” at the Marines Memorial Theatre. The program will feature stars from “Book of Mormon” and “The Lion King”. There will be Stars Galore and music to send you on a Baz Lehrmann evening. He has the power to haunt us forever. No, it won’t be there – but I can imagine that he will be. And Don’t forget to see “Lincoln” – it’s intoxicating.

FUNNY, SEXY, ENGROSSING! Who Dat? Oh, that would be Sharon McNight. She almost knocks us out of the chairs at the Rrazz Room. And what can she do this Xmas? Well, lets see – Oh, I know – How about hanging some Balls. She has plenty of them. Ha, Ha. No, that was not Santa. Oh, and by the way – electrical devices (self pleasuring) are strictly prohibited during the performance. You know – it’s a Xmas show.

If I were to predict – I would say that the best shows in town are — These movies: “Lincoln”, “Anna Karenina” (Intoxicating Love story) – and “A Royal Affair” (vibrant and hypnotic! – Best bets on the stage are “Bell, Book and Candle” (Sf Playhouse) – “Sharon McKnight at the Rrazz” – Theatre Rhino is presenting a new John Fisher play at ‘Thick House’. The show is “Slugs and Kicks” – It’s being called “Vibrant and Uplifting!” I’ll be checking it out on Dec. 2nd.

AN ACTRESS is planning to quit show Biz to end world hunger! And how will she do this? Drag her refrigerator around the world? We know who it is, but we won’t tell.

Celebs wanna know – will the Golden Gate Theatre ever open again? And then there is this person of Market Street said: “Light up the Damn Sign (Golden Gate Sign). It would help that corner come to life again. What’s a couple of bucks to the high and mighty?” – (Request by angered reader that prefers to remain anonymous.) You know – like Shakespeare.

THE SWACKAT is a new clothing look for men. The Turtle Neck is back…so are the Cargo Pants. Oh, and don’t forget The Shacket. It’s a sport coat that looks like a Jacket. And for real new old treat – take a look at the new rage: “Denim Shirt”.

Virgo guys are really stuck on themselves. They are perfectionists and very detail-oriented. Virgo also means that they have big hands, big feet and – well, two out of three ain’t bad!” Ooops…Too much info. We were hoping for three out of three!

It’s Phone Buzz Time. Start the sexting.


The Photo of Lee Hartgrave Boy Reporter is by Jim Ferreira – Film Noir & Hollywood Glamour.



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