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by on May 15, 2006


I watched the Angelides/Westly debate with intense interest. I observed the clear distinction in their messages, which is why I was so surprised (?) in the reading the Chronicle’s essentially-no-difference-between-the-two report the next morning. In a populist manner, Angelides clearly and forcefully put forth his basic positions. Westly, on the other hand, seemed to be under the impression that he was supposed to be making a series of T-V ads during his debate time.

BeyondChron’s comprehensive analysis of the debate was excellent, and my response in reading it was, if I may be so humble, “That’s exactly what I thought”.

With respect to the “he looks like a governor” or “he doesn’t look like a governor”, surely serious-minded voters do not actually engage in that criterion for supporting a candidate, do they? To do so would reflect such an embarrassing shallowness in political analytical skills*again, in my humble opinion.

Sister Bernie Galvin, cdp

Dear Editor,

Hooray for John Melone & SHAC for going to the banks and introducing them to the Ellis Act! Wouldn’t it be something if they started to care?

Terrie Frye


Re: The Real Mother’s Day by Tommi Avicolli Mecca* May. 11* 2006

Avicolli Mecca got it right. I and millions of other Moms would love to be
honored on Mother’s Day with a donation to an organization working for peace
and justice, an organization that feeds the hungry, programs for children
living in poverty, etc. There are so many choices that space does not allow
listing all of them. I think Avicolli Mecca’s recommendation is even more
relevant in light of all the budget cuts by the Bush administration that have
gutted many programs. It is an easy choice – should money go to corporate America
or programs to help less fortunate individuals?

This article would make Avicolli Mecca’s Mama proud.

Janice Winchester
Seattle, WA (I used to live in SF, but when I retired could not afford
it any longer, so moved to Seattle)

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