David Chiu Talks Housing, Politics at Tenderloin Museum

by on December 8, 2016

It’s perfect timing: San Francisco Assemblyperson David Chiu speaks at the Tenderloin Museum on December 12 only days after the start of a new legislative effort (SB-2) to get state affordable housing funds. Chiu has been a key player in past housing funding efforts and we now have a chance to hear his thoughts on this and other important topics as part of the Museum’s noon Lunch speaker series.

Chiu works on many issues in Sacramento but housing has been his top priority. He joined the East Bay’s Tony Thurmond in trying to get a housing funding bill passed last year, but that fell prey to Governor Brown’s “as of right” construction plan. Now Senator Toni Atkins is reviving a version of a bill Brown previously vetoed. It requires that affordable housing get $75 to be paid at the time of the recording of every real estate instrument, paper, or notice required or permitted by law to be recorded.

In other words, funding housing without using state dollars.

Will Brown go for this? Nobody knows but David Chiu will share his thoughts on this and any other matter of interest to attendees.

The event is a benefit for the Tenderloin Museum and the $10 charge includes museum admission. If you have not seen the special exhibition, The Unseen World of the Tenderloin: Rare Historic Photography 1907-1971, you can now see both the photos and hear David Chiu.

For tickets and event information, go here.

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