‘Daly, Mirkarimi Pot Club Battle Raises Larger Issues’

by on November 1, 2005

Dear Editor,

I read your article on Mirkarimi and the pot club battle with great interest. I think you got your first point wrong: Mirkarimi led Newsom on pot club legislation, not the other way around. This is the case on several issues, although Newsom’s vastly superior P.R. arsenal has been used to convince people otherwise.

As a Green Party CC member and active member of the party, I was even more surprised by the following quote:

I spoke confidentially with some of the city’s Green Party stalwarts, and none supported the Mirkarimi legislation. If Mirkarimi feels unaccountable to the local Green Party, and if they are not concerned about holding Green elected officials accountable, then what does the Party stand for?

The clear implication here is that most of the party is opposed to Mirkarimi’s legislation, and that he knows it (“feels unaccountable”). This is far from the truth. Although the party generally can’t take official positions on legislation that is constantly being ammended (we only make such decisions at our monthly meetings, and any change would nullify our prior endorsement), I’ve been involved in many discussions about it and I get the impression that active members of the party are overwhelmingly supportive.

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume your sampling bias was inadvertant. However, if you really want to get a more accurate picture of what’s happening in our party, please talk to our spokeswoman (Erika McDonald, erikasf@aol.com, or 337-1499) or some of our more active CC members. Your use of unnamed (and mysteriously biased) sources makes BeyondChron read like a yuppie version of Frontlines, or worse… the Chron. Aren’t you supposed to be beyond that?

John-Marc Chandonia (jmc@sfgreens.org) http://sfgreens.org/

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