Daly for Regional Director; Happy Earth Day …

by on April 21, 2009

To the Editor –

Thank you for covering Chris Daly’s bid for the Region 4 Director seat with the state Democratic Party. As a voter and newly registered Democrat who has supported progressives such as Dennis Kucinich and President Barack Obama, it gives me great hope to see activist and organizer Chris Daly step up to run for a volunteer role with the California Party.

Daly is an unapologetic fighter for the weakest members of our society, for an end to unjust wars, and for a more responsive and responsible government. I fully support him for Region 4 Director at this weekend’s State Party Convention.

Adriel Hampton
Dublin, CA

Dear Editor:

On April 22 we will be celebrating, the 39th anniversary of the beginning of Earth Day. It began because of people’s concern with population growth and the first conscious glimmer of global warming. Earth Day was supposed to make us more aware of the need to have a sustainable environment. Recycling became de rigueur. And guess what, corporations started to take advantage, especially those producing various packaging material. No reason to complain about excess packaging because it can be recycled. We now have more things swaddled in plastic and other unnamable material than ever before. But, it can be recycled.

We could be celebrating unEarth Day. We are at the point of no return as far as the environment goes. The planet is on life support, but remember we can recycle our way out of this tragedy. At last, we can also compost. This is done with thousands of truck trips picking up our compostable material. And the trucks will run on bio-fuels. To get this fuel, just un-forest the forests and plant food crops, not to eat but to feed the beast – our pets – the automobile.

Oops, forgot to mention electric cars. Everyone in world can have one, if only we could knock down all the structures standing in the way of getting these cars around.



Denise D’Anne
San Francisco

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