DAILY TATTLER Dateline 2012 HEADLINERS: Carly Ozard (courtesy photo) – Jim Caruso – Carmelina (42nd Street Moon)

by Buzzin' Lee Hartgrave on November 9, 2012


OZARD is on Top of the ‘Hit-O-Meter’. In fact, her show is so good she broke the Meter. Here’s the deal. This musical is not “All About Eve” – well not entirely. But what gets really interesting is when Carly gets on “The Streetcar Named Desire” – and literally bumps into John Waters. Oh my, but I do kid.

Not only does Ozard knock songs out of the lovely Rrazz Room, she also takes us down a surprising evening of dark and light humor. Oh, what a romp. She touches on everything – Gay love, straights, transgenders and everything in-between. Well, maybe NOT everything. OZARD was recently at the Rrazz room – and the applause was deafening. Even that little Pink Man in another paper got a twinge between his legs. And he was sitting right next to me. Naughty boy.

“Born to Be Wild” (Mars Bonfire) is sure up Ozard’s yellow brick road. Here’s a lyric: “He’s going my way. Love me for what I am – not what I try to be.”

Ozard has fun with “New York, New York – It’s a wonderful town! – Ozard: – “Who the hell cares?” To the audience – she throws this at us: “If you slept with anyone to get ahead in show business, raise your hand.” Hands went up right away.

Ozard brings out the best of John Lennon with “Nobody Told Me.” Lyric: (Nobody told me there’d be days like this). Carly ropes us in with ‘Change’ (from a New Brain –William Finn) – “all I’m asking for is Change. I don’t ask for much.”

Hey I could go on forever with this wonderful music delivered by Ozard, but I don’t want to tell you everything. But I will say that Carly Ozard gives us one of the more remarkable musical happenings on the stage today. She is diabolically fun with her sly wit. And boy her musical numbers are beautifully intricate. She has us “solidly hooked!” She ended the evening with her witty “Anyone here from the Marina?” No one answered. Ozard’s response: – “F—k you Marina.” I guess that means that she is off to Broadway. The audience is still laughing.

RATING: Four Glasses of Champagne!!!! (highest rating) –trademarked-


WANNA HAVE FUN? O.K? – Don’t miss Jim Caruso’s Casting Show. He recently was at the Rrazz Room and I’m sure that he will be back. In L.A. and New York Caruso’s has one of the best variety shows that I’ve ever seen. The S.F. cast is really terrific. Johnathon Poretz sang a fab “Fly Me to the Moon” and then the talented Carly Ozard took over the stage – she is just marvelous. This is just a taste of the Talent in this show. Every show features new talent always. What fun. Believe me…the Rrazz Room will book Jim Caruso again. The audience will demand it.

RATING: Four Glasses of Champagne!!!! (highest rating) –trademarked-

What Fun this musical is. If you like the lush sounds of great Broadway melodies, then you’ll love this show. The cast at 42nd Street Moon takes the great lyrics and brings them up to Broadway standards. The show is based on “Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell”. The story is very close to “Mama Mia”. Carmelina is one of those shows the captures the musical essence of the Great White Way.

Carmelina is right up there with “My Fair Lady” and “The Bakers Wife”. Do see this show at the Eureka Theatre while you still have a chance. I was amazed at the slick production – plus the set was fantastic. Believe me – you will be Solidly Hooked.

Now playing at the Eureka Theatre
Rating: Three Glasses of Champagne!!! –trademarked-

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