D5 Candidate Statement: Lisa Feldstein

by on October 28, 2004

Growing up in East Harlem as the daughter of two social workers, I developed my lifelong passion for service to others. Today, with my husband, I am raising my daughter here in San Francisco, and I am committed to a better San Francisco for all of us.

I am a professional housing advocate, labor activist and former San Francisco Planning Commissioner who has spent over a decade fighting for you at City Hall. and winning. My proven track record of making things happen shows that I am the woman for the job of District 5 Supervisor, and my top priorities reflect those of District 5′ s residents:

Getting Violence Under Control.
Street violence is out of control, and I am determined to provide more responsive beat cops in the neighborhood and to create real alternatives to gangs for our young people. We must get to the root of youth crime with better education, after-school programs and job training, and crime enforcement efforts must be linked with social services such as drug treatment and anger management programs. The police must be held accountable when they exceed established standards, and community policing needs to be expanded and enhanced to include neighbors in the solution to community violence.

Creating and Preserving Affordable Housing.
I have worked to create more than 1,000 units of affordable housing for elderly, low-income, and working families. I also have first-hand professional experience in designing homeless prevention programs to keep people off the street and help move them back into society. As Supervisor, I will strengthen city laws which require for-profit developers to provide housing for low-income people.

Protecting Tenants’ Rights.
I have vigorously fought against landlord efforts to evict long-term tenants or to convert good-quality affordable apartment into luxury condominiums. I am a strong advocate of rent control protection and I will work to close the loopholes that make it possible for landlords to hit renters with outrageous, unfair or illegal rent increases.

Putting “Transit First” First.
As a Planning Commissioner, I developed the now-standard conditions requiring developers to promote non-auto usage for their tenants and to provide free parking for CarShare vehicles – the little green VWs that residents can use without paying for their own private vehicles. As the sole “no” vote to stop the massive new garage in Golden Gate Park, I demonstrated my commitment to expanding the city’ s Transit First policies. I will be a strong voice for bus-preferential streets to speed up MUNI, bus-coordinated stop light timing, and express service between our neighborhoods and downtown. I will prioritize the completion of the Bike Network, and I will push for transportation design that is people-focused, not car-focused.

Fighting for Families and Youths.
As a parent, I know that District 5 needs safer neighborhoods, more affordable housing, more accessible child care, and improved recreational resources. I support expansion of the Healthy Kids Initiative to provide affordable health care to all San Franciscans and I am an aggressive advocate of marriage rights for all people.

Fighting for Seniors.
My top priority for seniors is to sustain the ability of older residents to live independently in their homes. That includes making sure in-home caregivers have the training, support, and salaries they need to do the job, that the services seniors need are located near intensive senior populations, and that there is accessible, affordable transit service that allows seniors to move around.

Fighting City Hall Corruption.
Patronage, cronyism and favoritism don’t belong in politics, and I blew the whistle on the rampant corruption I saw first-hand when serving in the Mayor’s Office of Housing. As a labor activist today with Professional and Technical Engineers Local 21, I am continuing the fight for fair, honest government.

I am proud to have been endorsed by the San Francisco Tenants Union (2nd), Bay Guardian (3rd), Sierra Club, National Women’s Political Caucus, ILWU AFL-CIO, Carpenters Local 6, San Francisco Neighborhood Antenna Free Union, Transport Workers Union Local 250-A, and the San Francisco League of Conservation Voters.

I will be proud to continue the fight with your first place vote November 2nd.

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