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by on September 21, 2010

To the Editor:

Where did you get the idea that CPMC doesn’t serve the poor? I believe that St. Luke’s serves the many of those without insurance, and I know that the California campus has a number of physicians that serve pregnant women on Medi-Cal, basically uninsured women.

This isn’t journalism. This is propaganda. Please also tell me why a interstate freeway is a better place for housing and not for a hospital? Don’t we want more services down near the center of town and out of the neighborhoods? Especially the “rich” neighborhoods of Pacific Heights and Laural Village. Additionally, there needs to be a hospital where people with insurance can go. Sure we can all pile into the general but then we displace other patients. REALLY anyone thinking over there?

Michele Riordan
San Francisco

To the Editor:

You wrote: “while CPMC worsens the quality of life for neighborhood residents, it also plans to deny health services to most low-income people living near the planned facility.” “[Stephen] Tennis is irate that CPMC’s current plans will likely deny him and most neighborhood residents access to the hospital.”

Where is the evidence to back up those statements that CPMC plans to deny health services to neighborhood residents? Certainly not in this article. Those statements may be true, but no one can know that from reading the article.

Carl Stein
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Thanks for coverage of this critical labor issue. However, to reply to the Roseville Ob/gyn workers who think they’re voting for the status quo and that only “angry people” are voting for the NUHW, it’s critical to point out that this is a misreading of the election issue shared by many Kaiser workers who support the SEIU.

NUHW is the former Local 250 UHW leadership who brought Kaiser workers the best contracts in healthcare — it is the SEIU Washington – based trusteeship with its future plans for remote management of its members that makes NUHW the “old union” and the SEIU the unwelcome interloper. NUHW is, in effect and philosophy, Kaiser’s 65-year-old powerful union that brought Kaiser workers so many benefits and made Kaiser such a good place to work.

The SEIU is running on the reputation and actions of the present leaders of the NUHW.

Liz Altieri
San Francisco

To the Editor:

In a way, I find it humorous that SEIU supporters are so gullible, almost as if they were zombies (a name attributed to them by NUHW supporters) as they sheepishly obey and fall for UHW’s b.s. SEIU-UHW’s propaganda about NUHW is ridiculous. They know it — everybody knows it. On the other hand, it is quite refreshing to see and hear the sound of union democracy spreading and vibrating with vitality throughout KP and other hospitals across California. SEIU can’t stop the Red Tide that is descending upon — and drowning out — the corporate union known as SEIU-UHW.


Francisco Martinez
Oakland, CA

To the Editor:

You are an idiot. Sorry to say, but it’s true. I am from Philadelphia, am a die hard Eagles fan, and respect the rules and dedication to the game. The truth of the matter is today’s game two things are happening. NFL players are becoming stronger and more prone to injury. Back in the day, players would wear a plastic helmet that looked as if it could be cut with scissors. If players don’t want to get injured or have the possibility of “concussions,” then they shouldn’t play the game. Simple as that.

Gary Copestake

To the Editor:

Thanks for this counterpunch to the N.Y. Times Greenhouse article, which was reprinted in the Sacramento Bee September 19th. There are at least ten Kaiser and CHW hospitals in the Sacramento area whose employees are fighting to escape the SEIU trusteeship. Contrary to Greenhouse’s article, we don’t think of NUHW as “a break-away” union – we are trying to reclaim the union leadership we lost when SEIU fired all our elected officials.

Ellen Dillinger

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