“Court Recommendations, Harold Ford, Homeless Funding…”

by on November 3, 2006

Mr. Shaw:

I read with great interest your article, “Chronicle Gets Homeless Funding Story Completely Wrong” (11/1/06). I have an additional question/quibble about the Chronicle article. The Chronicle’s article states that “eight city departments spend at least $108 million annually on direct services” and “at least $89 million of that goes to about 76 private, mostly nonprofit organizations. . .” The Chronicle article then provides graphs showing how $89 million is spread among 70 nonprofits. If my math is correct, that means $19 million goes to six

for-profit companies such as the John Stewart Company, which I understand has all or most of the “Care Not Cash” contracts. I am puzzled as to why these six for-profit companies were not listed? Is it because they don’t have the same reporting requirements as the nonprofits and if so, why not? It would seem easy to include a standard reporting requirement in any City contract with a for-profit management company. I have posed this question/quibble to the Chronicle’s authors.

Ralph E. Stone


I like Harold Ford. He’s a good representative. I lived in Memphis when he was elected. I now live in North Carolina, and, with campaign ads getting uglier by the day, I’ll be glad when this election is over.

Unfortunately, racism works both ways. In your next article about Harold Ford, you might cover his background, and how his father anointed him as his replacement in Washington.

Have a great San Francisco Day!!!

John Moore


What real life work experience has ford ever had? The guy has never had a career or built a business, or had any success in the working world. The man has no qualifications whatsoever.


Dear Morons,

The judicial “candidates” that Mr. Werner thinks are running against each other, are not running against each other. For example, Justice Haerle is not an “opponent” of Justice Richmond. Mr. Werner makes the same type of mistake throughout his article. You guys are so clueless that I actually feel sorry for you. Get a clue already!

Sincerely, “Thurgood Marshall”

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